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Transportation Planning: A Decision-Oriented Approach

Chapter 1

Urban Transportation Planning: Definition and Context

Chapter 2

Transportation Planning
and Decision Making

Chapter 3

Urban Travel & Transportation System Characteristics

Chapter 4

Data Management and
Use In Decision Making

Chapter 5

Demand Analysis

Chapter 6

Urban Activity
System Analysis

Chapter 7


Chapter 8

Transportation System
and Project Evaluation

Chapter 9

Funding and Finance

MTS staff has worked with federal, state, regional and local agencies on a variety of projects, ranging from statewide transportation planning to site plans.  In addition, we have worked with transportation carriers (trucking and rail) and port authorities, focusing on transportation-related issues that affect their performance.  Our team has provided transit agencies with plans and policies aimed at enhancing their services, and conducted organizational development studies of transportation agencies to enhance their productivity and effectiveness.  We view each client as an important opportunity to provide collaborative and creative solutions to the transportation challenges facing our communities.  Given the research background of our key staff, these solutions are often at the forefront of professional practice, utilizing the most up-to-date analysis tools and visualization tools for conveying information.  We emphasize the importance of effective communications, both with our clients and with their constituencies.  Our philosophy is that the best solution to a problem is not a solution until it is implemented….and this usually means effective and credible communications.